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Related post: Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 22:45:12 +0800 From: makatiboy (at) mac (dot) com Subject: Oswalt Pitches Astros To ClimaxDISCLAIMER/WARNING: This fictional model preteens photography story depicts homosexual acts between two men in explicit detail with numerous curse preteen candid pics words. If reading this is illegal in your country, state, or community, stop. This is completely fictional and fantastical and does not mean to imply anything about the actual thoughts and habits of the persons depicted herein. OSWALT PITCHES THE ASTROS TO CLIMAX (c) 2005 "makatiboy". All rights not licensed to Nifty Archive reserved. ***"Are you ready?" Roger Clemens asked, as he and four other Astros players stood preteen shows undies in Roy Oswalt's hotel room bathroom, where the MVP of the 2005 NLCS was kneeling on the tile floor, naked, his hard cock standing straight up as he lightly ran his fingers along it.Oswalt nodded. "Let me have it," he preteen sierra model said, closing his eyes.Clemens nodded, puffing his bald preteen cunny free preteen supermodel victory cigar, and pulled out his cock. The others--Adam Everett, Brandon Backe, Brad Lidge and Lance Berkman--did the same. They closed in around Oswalt's lean, small, wiry body, tanned and lightly furred, naked except for the heavy gold chain around his neck. preteenpantypics Berkman grinned and put his arm around Everett, who slipped his arm around Berkman's waist, while Backe and Lidge rubbed their cocks and stood with their legs planted wide apart.Clemens naked sexy preteens grinned, yanking at his half-hard naked preteens boys monster, and then said, "Time for a real bath, Wonderboy," and started to piss on Oswalt.The preteen heels models yellow urine splashed on Roy's preteen panties maxwell face, running down his cheeks and chin, getting into his ears, dripping off his porn comic preteen rugged jaw and down his hard flat body. "Mm," he said, running his fingers along the bottom of his own cock.Then the others started pissing lovely preteen nymphets on him. Streams yellow, pale, and even clear hit him on all sides, young preteenmodels on the back of his head, on his back, his shoulders, soaking his hair, down his body, down his spine into his ass-crack and dripping from his puckered hole as he knelt and took the sport. "Mm," he said again, and preteen legal nonude then, unable to restrain himself any longer, said, "Yeah, piss," and stroked his cock firmly.Clemens redirected his piss-stream against Oswalt's lips. "Open your mouth kid," he said. Roy, his eyes still preteen raped squeezed tight, parted his lips. The piss hit his tongue, sharp and bitter-salty. "Come on, Roy, gaypreteensex you know you want to," Clemens goaded, and Oswalt smiled a little and opened his mouth wider, stretching out his tongue, and drank Clemens' piss down his throat."Holy shit," gasped Everett, who had never done preteens fucking pic this before. "Dude, that's so fucking sick!"Clemens shoved his pants down. He grabbed Oswalt by the back model preteen model of his head. "You ain't seen nothing yet. Wonderboy here's bich pre preteens got a real dirty streak, don't you boy?" And he pressed preteen pthc vicky his cock into Oswalt's mouth and Oswalt's lips closed around the meaty shaft and drank the piss thirstily. "Oh yeah, drain it dry," said Clemens, throwing his head nudes preteens video back."Fuck, Oz," said preteens toppless Berkman with a grin, his own piss stream ending and now starting to preteen sx models stroke his meaty preteen best top eight-incher, "where's naked preteen puberty a man like you learn to act like a cockwhore?""Who cares?" growled Backe, who had also stopped pissing and was pages preteen fuck now jerking openly. "I wanna have at that slut mouth.""You can have his mouth," said Lidge intensely, ukraine preteen nudist staring at Oswalt's muscular, lean ass."Easy, kids," smiled Clemens, who was now hard and sloshing his cock around Oswalt's mouth. "This fucking warrior here just pitched us into the World Series. We owe him a hero's fuck."Oswalt heard the conversation but wasn't really preteen lilita listening. He was concentrating on the taste of Clemens' cock, its thick veins and its plump, chewy flesh. He remembered preteen rubber model as a young boy considering the Rocket one of streaming amateur preteen his heroes. Now here he was, sucking preteen boy forums his boyhood hero's cock, his hero's piss all over him and in his gut. Could it get any better?"Uh, nude family preteen fuck, I can't stand it," groaned Everett. The young shortstop thrust his cock against Oswalt's face. "Roy, dude, c'mon, please suck me too."Oswalt glanced up at his eager teammate, then at Clemens."Sure," said Clemens with a fatherly smile. "Whatever you want, Wonderboy."So Oswalt pulled off of preteen turk Clemens's cock and took hold of Everett's. sexy preteens france He stroked it a moment, studying its skinny, jerking length. And then he smiled casually and with a long slutty lick took Everett into his mouth,"Oh, preteenie model porn man... this is unbelievable ..." Everett's eyes rolled back. preteen underwear tgp He was so lost in the action he didn't care that Berkman had mischievously slipped his hand down Everett's backside and was now rubbing a tricky fingertip against the straight shortstop's hetero hole."Shit," said Backe, preteen child cum and grabbed at Clemens and shoved preteens movies collection his rough young face against the living legend's jowls. Clemens allowed the contact for a moment before taking control, grabbing the young pitcher and bending him back, raping his mouth with his tongue, putting the boy in his place. At the same time Roy kept hold of Clemens' dick, 3d preteen girls and now licked it again, and then Everett's, and then, not needing to say a word, pulled them close enough together to get both their heads into his mouth. Berkman was now openly fingering Everett's hole, and the frisky shortstop was unselfconsciously fucking himself against preteen nudes sites his anya preteen torrent teammate's fingers. Meanwhile, Lidge had stripped naked, and got down on the piss-puddled floor. He pulled Oswalt's hips toward pre teen animae him."C'mon, Oz," he muttered. "Gimme your ass." He spit in his hand and boy preteen pretty rubbed it diaper preteens against Oswalt's piss-soaked anus and poked two fingers into it. Oswalt felt the violation but didn't make a sound. His only reaction was to slacken his hole invitingly. He went on licking and tongueing the dicks of Clemens preteenz gratis and Everett.The bathroom door opened. It was Andy Pettite. "Hey, Roy," he said, preteen slumber party "it's your phone."Roy pulled off Everett's cock. "What's it say on the screen?"Pettite looked at it. "'Rob'?""That's an old school buddy," Oswalt said. "Let the voicemail take it.""Hey, Petty," said Berkman, who was now obviously angling to take the wild Adam Everett's ass-cherry and make the shortstop not so straight anymore. "You joining in?"Pettite rolled his eyes and smiled. "C'mon, man, you know I'm religious.""So'm I, virgin preteen model that's not stopping me!"For the first time Everett seemed to come to his preteen bald senses. "Whoa," nn preteen preteen he said, four Berkman fingers stretching his hole as he stood there with his cock alternating with that of Clemens 15yo pics preteen in Oswalt's mouth. preteen anim He saw Pettite. "Hey Pets.""Hey Ev. Looks like you're in trouble.""I know," preteen bras gasped Everett, as Berkman pulled his fingers out and quickly replaced them with his cockhead. " ... holy shit ...""Andy." It was Clemens. "Come on, it's preteen free sexy a party. Let Wonderboy here taste some of that pure Christian cock hardcore preteensex of yours."Pettite looked dubious, but sighed and smiled embarrassed at Oswalt. "Well," he said, "okay."He unzipped his pants and took out his handsome seven-incher. "Sorry it's not too hard," he said. "This really isn't my usual scene."Oswalt natural preteen model shrugged. "No prob," he said matter-of-factly, and took it into his mouth. As he worked to get Pettite hard, Clemens pulled his old Yankee teammate into a lascivious kiss. Backe, thoroughly dominated by Clemens, was now on his knees, replacing Oswalt as the legend's cocksucker."SHIT!" Everett's yelp was so loud they all turned to look. The scrappy straight boy had europe preteen his pants completely off and was taking Lance Berkman's power tool up illegal petitepreteen his unschooled manhole. "JESUS CHRIST!" Everett gasped. "That fucking HURTS!""Feels good from where I am," joked Berkman.Oswalt smiled and preteen uk pics turned his attention back to Pettite. He african preteen pics knew his friend was only doing this for the heck of it, so he resolved to bring him off quickly. At the same time, Lidge was still working at his ass, and Roy felt he was loose enough to take the hot young closer's prick.He pulled off Pettite's cock long enough litte preteen angels to say to Lidge, "Brad, you can fuck me anytime now."Lidge grunted. "Don't need to superpreteen pics top be told twice." He got up on his knees, pulled Oswalt into a doggie position, and slowly and firmly pushed his eight-inch tool into Roy's experienced ass."Jesus," said Pettite, watching Oswalt take the cock. "I remember when you did that to me five years ago," he said to Clemens. "I still don't know how fags actually enjoy that.""It's not just queers," said Clemens. "Some guys just have an itch for cock. Roy's no fag, erotic preteen pussy are you, Roy?""Does that mean I'm not a fag?" gasped Everett as he took Berkman's happy plowing."No, Ev, I think you've been turned out good by now!"Everett looked crestfallen. "Aw, man ..." But he didn't stop Berkman's steady power strokes."Whew," said Pettite, his saturnine face flushed. models x preteens "Okay, I'm close.""Pull out," said Clemens. "Cum on his face."Pettite shook his head but did as he was preteen top index told. Oswalt closed his eyes waited tight-lipped as his straight buddy jerked his tool. In moments Pettite was gasping, "Here it comes," and spewed globs of gleaming pearly cum. It landed on Oswalt's face, his darling preteen model nose, his chin, and on his lips. He held stock still, taking the cum facial as Lidge fucked him, until Pettite said "Okay, I'm underground preteen sites preteen hairless pics done, that's enough sin for me tonight," and then let himself venture preteen slutty girls his tongue out to lick the jism for a taste."Fucking slutty, Oz," said Lidge. Roy smiled. He didn't bikinis preteen nonude turn, but arched his back so the young closer could get more leverage against his ass walls. "Fuck me, Lidge." And he knelt there bikini for preteens and took it."Thanks for the blowjob, man," said Pettite, zipping up his pants. "I've got to go meet the wife.""Tell her hey," said Roy, opening nude young preteens his eyes.He looked around. For a straight boy, Everett had turned out to be one cockhungry fuck. He was as preteen lingerie photos naked as Roy was now, his hands and a leg up against the bathroom wall. The fuck by Berkman was preteen modelgirls preview now a game, with Berkman toying with Everett's stretched out hole, poking it at various angles, shoving in deep and pulling out all the way, slapping Everett's skinny ass. "You preteens pics legal like that, bitch?" Berkman asked nicely."Aw, fuck preteens twinks thai yeah, make me a bitch, treat me like a dirty girl," moaned Everett.Berkman rolled his eyes and smirked at Oswalt. wet naked preteens "How you doing, Wizard of Oz?"Oswalt smiled. Lidge was fucking him with none of Berkman's shit: just long, deep, hard, ballslapping thrusts, plunge after plunge preteens hot underwear and plunge. "Great," he said. Next to him, foreign preteens nude he saw Backe, the tough macho boy, gagging on Clemens' cock, jerking his own prick desperately as he served his new daddy.Clemens caught lol preteen models Oswalt's eye. The big, hale Hall of Famer smiled and then grinned. Oswalt smiled too, happy to be at the center of this scene, happy to have pitched the best he could and won a chance at the World Series for his city and his team. These guys deserved it. Just like they deserved to have his mouth and his ass. He closed his eyes, sighed, happy, and took a huge load from Lidge deep into his ass.***Half an hour later, covered with cum from Everett and Backe, dripping cum from Lidge and Pettite and Clemens, Roy jana preteen models Oswalt picked himself up off the floor sex naked preteen and emerged from the bathroom.There was only one nastya preteen bikini other person sex preteen illegal in the room now, smiling at him. Roy smiled too and went for an embrace."Didn't join the party," he said.Brad Ausmus laughed, flashing his bright grin. "I'm selfish. I'm like Bags and Biggs: I like my manfucking elwebbs preteen mpeg one-on-one.""Did they stop by?""You kidding? After they told their wives they were going to spend the night with each other, they went to their hotel room and haven't come out since. Biggio's probably preteen angelsnon nude got underage toplist preteen his ass full of a second dose of Bagwell right now."They world of preteens kissed. "Oh, fuck me, Ausmus," begged Roy.Ausmus chuckled. He laid Oswalt across the bed, spreading his legs, aiming his hard eight-inch cock against Roy's cum-sloppy hole. "Haven't you had enough?" he joked.Roy grinned. "You never preteens 15 years count," he said, and lay back and closed his eyes as his ass preteens in heels was filled with Ausmus' sweet hard cock.***His wife's arms wrapped around his naked body as Roy lay in picture preteen boy bed. In the other bed, Ausmus was snoring. "Hey," he said with a grin."Hey," she replied. She was unbuttoning her blouse, smiling knowingly at him. "I was wondering naked preteens videos where preteens free links my husband was. I realized, after saving the season tonight, he was probably with his teammates..." preteen girls fotos She adolescent preteen photos reached up preteen sissy story along his naked thigh and onto his ass and slid her finger along lsm pictures preteen his asscrack, still moist with other men's cum. "And I was right," she finished.Oswalt smiled meekly. "The kids asleep?""Fast," she replied, sex cute preteen removing her clothing and slipping in next to him. She sniffed his piss-dried hair."The guys had is preteen net some fun with me," Oswalt explained."No kidding," his wife wryly replied.***THE ENDsee you shameless preteens com in the world series!
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